• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

    What fun mobile phone strategy games can be recommended?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What fun mobile phone strategy games can be recommended?”
    1. Strategic category, if you are a boy, I recommend the shore of the soil, I have tried it, it feels okay, it is almost not necessary to charge, if you are a girl, I recommend you to play to defend radish The cute style, the game of chess and cards is considered a strategy. Recently, it seems to be more popular.

    2. The European War Series, I personally think that this series is the most fun. The peak is the European War 4: Napoleon. Size: 38.80MB. taptap score: 9.4. Type is a war strategy. Operation is similar to a civilized series.

    3. Demon, this is the only more orthodox war chess game I played on my mobile phone. Elements such as restraint, terrain bonuses, siege warfare, guardian war, etc. are very strategic to play.

    4. The red day is very much like the red police mobile game. Whether it is art or gameplay, developers have made some optimizations for mobile phone operations to make it more convenient to play.

    5. "Mechanical War", "Rust Rust War", "Conquest: Colonial" and "Royal War", these games are all instant strategies, and they are all mobile games. Personally, I feel that the "Rust War" is the best.

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