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    What does "Wanda International" in the original God refer to? Why is there such a name?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. What does "Wanda International" in the original God refer to? It refers to Wanda's international nature. In fact, it is Kaiyin Tong, referring to Fengyuan Wanye, Dadalia, Xiang Ling and Bennett. Since the character characters of the four characters are all different characters in the country, they are called Wanda Plaza is international, Wanda Plaza's international nature is rarely attached to the main lineup of elite team matching and cooperation. It is more like multi -core and at the same time. The companion will increase the damage to the young master. The initial function of Ling in the game player is particularly large, which can be called a general war general. The Banli ring is a good character role. It can be matched with any character character of Titairis (other than golden pomelo). n The international nature of the original God Wanda Plaza; in fact, I still brain tested Wanye with a suitable young master double fire in Wan Ye. I never thought it was really. After Wan Ye came out, the young master leapt into the version number T0. The fourth part of the previous young master double fire was a supplementary position selected according to the natural environment. People originated from four different Chinese countries and are also known as Wanda International Team.
      Why are there such a name? Because of this, the utilization rate of the Xiao Palace at the bottom of the valley should be more infectious. Let's look at the utilization rate of the Xiao Palace in the main lineup of the 11 and 12 layers of full stars (note that it is full star). And the 10th floor will not be introduced in detail; and what powerful composition occupies the top three of the left and right semi -utilization rates for each floor, for everyone to choose a reference to the selection of training, even if the original god is not the only gameplay at the bottom of the valley, the gameplay gameplay gameplay method , Practicing this powerful character role will also make you feel a lot more relaxed on the monster of the game map:
      It look at the 11th floor first, the character use of the character use list is 92.2%for a long time, the following is " The new wind system god "" 83.1%of Wanye, the remaining characters in the first gear are between 60%and 80%. In particular, the old Dongfeng Wendy fell to 62.4%, which was damaged with the monster environment and its Wanye's ones. There is a large relationship; in addition, the use of the God of Ice C is higher than the rain. I feel that it is slightly better than harm or Gan Yu, but in the case of the overall difference and the stars, it is not difficult to understand that everyone who does not need to see it. In the end, the Lao Palace, which was very concerned about, ranked at the top of the second head with a 36.7%utilization rate, which was basically different from the 魈 in Liyue 3C. Frankly speaking, this score was very good.

    2. Because the four characters are the roles of different countries, they are called Wanda International. Wanda International is actually a homophonic abbreviation, refers to Fengyuan Wanfa, Dadalia, Xiang Ling and Bennett.

    3. In the original God, Wanda International refers to the lineup of a team, the core members are Fengyuan Wanye, Dadalia, Xiang Ling, and Bennett; this title is mainly because these four characters come from different characters from different ones. Countries, so netizens call this team as Wanda International.

    4. Wanda International refers to the name of a map. This is because this map is very similar to the layout of Wanda International Trade City, so it will produce a name of Wanda International.

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