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    Valid refund of the game platform


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Valid refund of the game platform”
    1. The refund can only be returned within 180 days, and the refund of the minor needs to apply with the assistance of the parents.

      The game refund process:

      1. There are two methods in total to refund. The first is to search for Tencent customer service on WeChat. "There will be a related link to refund.

      . The refund operation needs to be operated by the guardian. For parents, I see the children who are willing to refund the game. I believe I am also happy to help the refund.

      3. The second method is to search for "Tencent's Minor Parent Service Platform". Click "What to do if the child's online consumption is irrational" in the picture, and you can enter the refund channel.

      4. In addition to the refund of this platform, there are other functions, such as querying consumer details, restricting children's accounts, and so on.

      5. It is also a need for a guardian to initiate a refund, and the face recognition verification is required.

      6. After filling in the relevant information, you can apply for a refund. If you finish it, you can temporarily store it first, and save up to 7 days.

      7. Some netizens also share the refund experience. If you do not call customer service, you will only retire the recharge of the last three months. At 90%of the amount, all Tencent games of the account will not be logged in after success (even if you can not play it for only three months).

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