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    Seeking ghost ghost hunting Baidu cloud free online watch resource


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Link: PAN./S/
      This Code: 1VZC Copy this section and turn on the Baidu web disk mobile phone app. It is more convenient to operate. The 2017 Berlin Film Festival Best Documentary Award and panoramic unit documentary audience award.
      The prisoner of the director of the Muskibia interrogation center that was treated in Israel to reconstruct the actor's personal trauma experience in the way of rebuilding prisons and moving interrogation scenes. The links blurred the boundary between the records and the fiction, and established a connection between the scenes of the film inside the prison.
      The construction and processing of brutal memory became the core, and eventually this semi -improvisation film experiment became a collective psychotherapy.
      If the resources are incorrect, or the version is incorrect, please ask

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