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    Is there two versions of Android 4.0.3 operating system?


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      Wose a new generation of operating systems when Google releases the new generation of operating systems, and the previous generation operations will be upgraded to the agenda. At the same time, the news of the next -generation operating system will flow out of the Internet. A usual way of operating system. When Android2.3 gingerbread is about to be released, the Android3.0 system honeycomb is exposed, and when mobile phone manufacturers are busy upgrading their Android phones to Android2.2 operating system, foreign media have stated that the name of the next generation system name of Android has already It is determined that the news is Tudor Brown, the president of ARM. The product is code -named ICE CREAM SANDWICH, referred to as ICS. The Chinese literal translation is "ice cream sandwich", which has no news in terms of operating system characteristics and minimum configuration.
      The introduction
      The latest Android system 4.0 named ICE CREAM SANDWICH (hereinafter referred to as ICS, ice cream sandwich). For Google's latest generation of Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, many players have heard that And I am afraid that acacia is hard to comfort. Fortunately, for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, Android fans in the world are equally eager. This is not the latest screenshot of Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on the Internet.
      The foreign Internet has exposed a screenshot of Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. This picture is released by foreign Android Police website. It is said that this picture is intercepted by the website on a Google NEXUS S smartphone. In fact, this picture is just a set of screenshots. From that picture, we can see that Google's latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system seems to have changed in the UI user interface. In addition, we can also see other new features from this picture, such as other new features, such as examples Say the new theme Gmail and so on. At present, the latest version of Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system has not yet been officially launched. Previously, it was reported that Google may officially release the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system during October, which also means Formally fight.
      At the Google I/O conference held in May this year, Google officially announced the existence of Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android users and developers around the world were highly expected to this operating system. Google calls the biggest feature of the operating system codenamed ICE CREAM SANDWICH's operating system is that it will unify the version of the Android system and change the status quo of Android tablet and smartphone differentiation. At the same time, according to Google, Ice Cream Sandwich will have the following features:
      Uniform smartphone and tablet computer system: Google's new generation of Android system ICE CREAM SANDWICH will have only one version, while supporting smartphones and tablets, which will solve the problem of differentiation of Android 3.x system and Android 2.X operating system. Developers can also be used by the development of tablet computers and smartphones.
      S system naming
      The friends who are familiar with Android know that Google has always loved the name of desserts as Android operating system. Android1.5 operating system is ordered to be cupcake. Cupcake is a cup -type cake that domestic girls prefer. It is more common in cake rooms or western -style self -service stores. Android1.6 operating system is called Donut, which is the donuts that fat hackers eat in the movie "Transformers". In Android2.0/2.01/2.1, it is named ECLAIR cream sandwich bread.
      The Android2,2 operating system named Froyo, which is now upgraded by mobile phone manufacturers, is a dessert called frozen yogurt. Android 2.3, which was announced recently, was called a small biscuit called gingerbread. Android3.0 operating system is named Honeycomb. In the end of the movie "The Manchu Manchu" movie, the bald chef is put the bear's paw into the pot and then cooked with the hive. The latest exposed Android2.4 system is named Ice Cream, which is both ice cream we usually eat.
      The latest news
      The media generally predicted that Ice Cream (ice cream), and Android brother Andrew Bin has confirmed the name in an interview recently, but has changed. The next generation of Android is ice ICE Cream Sandwich (ice cream sandwich). According to analysis, Google uses such naming, mainly because ice cream sculptures will be very similar to frozen yogurt. It is difficult for everyone to distinguish these two desserts, so they simply change a dessert with different appearances.
      The specific version number, function and other information of ice cream sandwiches is not clear. Google's next -generation mobile phones will develop and run and operate Android with Samsung 4. The processor uses Ti OMAP 4460, Cortex A9 structure frequency is as high as 1.5GHz, supporting 1080P 1080P Back. In addition, the compatibility of Android 4.0 will be more powerful. In addition to the pre -installed by flagship models, some old devices can also be upgraded to the latest version.
      The latest version of Google and Google Music in Android 4.0 have also been extracted and leaked. We have been tested by installation files. First, Google , which is 2.0.0, cannot obtain service connections in China. Google Music with a version number of 4.0.1 can be used normally.
      The original plan to release the Android 4.0 system on October 11, because of the respect for the co -founder of Apple Jobs, Google will postpone the release of the Android 4.0 system
      And Google has decided to postpone the mobile unpacked event that was originally scheduled to be in San Diego CTIA on October 11th. Under the current situation, both parties agree that this is not the time to announce the new product. We will announce a new date and place at appropriate time. "
      The news that the news has been officially confirmed by Samsung Public Relations Director Kim Titus. respect.
      In October 19, 2011 [1], Beijing time, Samsung and Google jointly released the first mobile phone Galaxy Nexus, a mobile phone equipped with Android4.0 (internal R

    2. Android 4.0.3 operating system has only one version.
      android is a linux -based free and open source operating system. It is mainly used in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, led by Google and Open Mobile Alliance.
      android operating system was initially developed by Andy Rubin and mainly supports mobile phones.
      In November 2007, Google and 84 hardware manufacturers, software developers and telecommunications operators formed an open mobile phone alliance to jointly develop and improve the Android system. Subsequently, Google published the source code of Android by authorization of Apache open source license.
      The first Android smartphone was released in October 2008. Android has gradually expanded to tablet computers and other fields, such as TV, digital cameras, game machines, etc.
      The first quarter of 20111, Android's global market share surpassed Saipan system for the first time and jumped to the world's first. In the fourth quarter of 2013, the global market share of the Android platform has reached 78.1%. On September 24, 2013, the operating system developed by Google and Android ushered in the 5th birthday. The number of equipment in the world has reached 1 billion units.

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