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    How to complain about chess and card room


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to complain about chess and card room”
    1. Legal analysis: 1. Complain to the property. 2. Play 110 alarms and make noise to disturb the people. People who live in the city are always invaded by various noise pollution. Let me tell you how to make noise complaints: 1) Management of construction noise (except for repair and rescue operations, any unit will not be allowed to be constructed at night (22 pm to 6:00 the next day). This noise belongs to the environmental protection bureau of the local administrative region. You can call 12369 to complain 2) Social noise. (Strict control of traffic noise and the spontaneous organization of the masses to produce noise disturbance activities, artillery, whistle, and social noise generated by entertainment venues, etc.), such directly dial 110 to find the Public Security Bureau.
      The legal basis: Article 279 of the "People's Republic of China"
      The owners must not violate laws, regulations and management rules, and change the house into operating houses. If the owner changes the house into a operating house, in addition to compliance with laws, regulations, and management rules, the owners who have a favorable relationship shall be unanimously agreed.

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