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    How to calculate the bullfighting


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. Facial scores: 10, J, Q, K are all 10, and other numbers are calculated according to the number of the card surface.
      2, the sum of the sum of the three cards is 10, and if the sum of the two cards is not 10, the number of two cards is the number of bulls of the second card. For example, (4, 6, Q, 9, 9) The number of cattle is 8.
      3, the sum of any 3 cards can be an integer multiple of 10, then determine the vice -nameless cattle. For example, (7, 8, a, 4.j)
      4, the sum of the 3 cards of 3 cards is an integer multiple of 10, if the sum of the other two cards is also an integer multiple of 10, that is, it is cattle and beef. For example, (7, 8, 5, K, 10)
      5, players with large scores in Niu Niu games win, for example, A player is Niu Jiu, B players are Niu Wu, C players are Niu Niu, D players are Niu Wuwu Then the player D has to pay A player twice the game coins, pay a player a game currency, and pay 3 times the game currency of the C player.
      C players are the largest in this round, receiving A player 3 times the game coin, B player 3 times, 3 times D player, B player B to give A player twice, C player 3 times, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D, then to D. Players receive a gaming coin, A player collects B players twice, pays three times to C, and receives D players twice the game coin.
      Extension information:
      The size comparison:
      card type: five small> Five flowers> Sihua> Niu Niu> There are points> No points.
      Flose: Blint> Red Peach> Plum Blossom> Block.
      : k> q> j> 10> 9> 8> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2> A.
      comparison between the same type:
      has no points: the size of the single.
      has scores: score size, Niu 9> Niu 8> Niu 7> Niu 6> Niu 5> Niu 4> Niu 3> Niu 2> Niu 1.
      Niu Niu: Single color.
      Four flowers: than single color.
      : Five flowers: Single color.
      Five small: ratio single color.
      St special: When the dealer and the idle family have the same point at the same time, the system automatically compares the largest one in the two hands, and whoever is big will win. If the card appears the same, it is compared according to the color.

    2. Very simple and good. A total of 5 cards, any three pieces added to a multiples of 10, and the remaining two adding digits are the cow. The flower card is equivalent to 10. For example, the card you touch is: KJQ87 This is Niu Wu, K7859 This is Niu Jiu, KJ234 This is K big

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. The method of calculating the method is a total of five cards. If any three of them add up to ten times (maximum 30), you can count the points. If you can't add it, there is no point. How big is the cow. Add the remaining two to counting (if you add up to the twenty -ten times, it is the largest cattle. If the number of units or ten digits is added, the number of units is the standard. 15, 3 plus 2 is equal to 5, so they are all cattle 5). 2. Comparison size 1. There are cows. Look at 5 cards. There are 3 cards added to 10, which is a cow. For example There is a cow. If there are cards that are the same as other players, it is the largest card, then spades, red hearts, plum blossoms, and squares. Among them, 1 is 1, if the 5 cards are less than 5, it is a special brand. 2. The situation of no cows 10, J, Q, and K are kept in 10 bullfighting as 10. Any integer that cannot be spelled into 10 is not cow. The remaining two cards determine the size of the cattle. To sum up the size of the bullfighting is the size of a single brand. Compared with the order of the chiral, red heart, plum blossoms, and square films, the spiny K is the largest in the single card. 2 9 1 5 This hand cannot be counted as 5 o'clock, it can only be counted as 9 major major

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