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    How can 4 people dig a pit? Seeking Great God help


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. 1. Game introduction: Digging games, which is a puzzle chess and card online game that has independent intellectual property rights with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of referring to the Shaanxi folk "Red Peach Four" game. It is currently popular in the country. The digging games are flexible and changeable, which can exercise people's thinking and collaboration ability. Second, game rules A. Game conditions: The game uses a pair of poker cards to remove the size of the king, a total of 52 cards. Four people dig the pits, 12 cards per person, leave 4 cards to join the digging pits, and at the same time, the pitter can choose a useless card to bury it. B. Calling rules: Players can be scored in the strong and weak competition in their own hands, and the bidding can be 1 times, 2 times the division ... maximum 4 times the division; If there is no red heart 4 in each hand, the five people with the red heart 5 first play the card, and so on. For the big pressure and small, there is no big name to press the home, then it is empty; 3. When the single is released, you must go out with a single card to win a big card. , Following the card must be a card, with a big victory, if there is no big name, you cannot play the card (PASS); when you look at the three heads, you can use the big pressure to be small. With large pressure and small, if there is no big name, you cannot play a card (PASS); 4. You can produce a license (more than three or more sequences, from small to large), if nothing, you cannot card, empty; Sub -method: Digging winner score = digging bottom points X 3 (joint number) joint loser deduction = digging pits bottom score to dig pits and losers deduction = digging bottom score X 3 (joint number) joint winner score = Digging the bottom of the pit. For example, the bottom of the pits is 4 points, the digging pits win 12 points, and they will lose 4 points to lose;

    2. The kitchen is a place for family cooking and a place we must enter and exit every day. Therefore, the special practice of the kitchen is also a place where family decoration needs special attention. With the development of the custom furniture industry, more and more people favor the overall kitchen. Decoration, what is the price of the overall kitchen? I believe many people are curious? Let's take a look today.
      What is the overall kitchen
      The overall kitchen is also called the overall cabinet, which is a cabinet that can contain the kitchen, such as sinks, electrical appliances, gas gear, etc. The design decoration of the supplies required by the kitchen, It can better save kitchen space, and at the same time make consumers more convenient to use. It will not be embarrassing because the kitchen is small, but the entire kitchen looks neat and generous, and consumers are choosing the overall kitchen decoration In the case, you can customize the overall kitchen according to your own needs and hobbies, combine the overall layout of the home, and the designer will perform 4D full simulation according to the needs provided by consumers. Consumers can start customization. , Fast frozen and cleaning, giving consumers the best and most convenient cooking experience, and also improve the grade of the entire kitchen and improve the taste of the owner.
      It is the price of the overall cabinet
      The overall kitchen price compared to traditional kitchen, it can integrate a variety of functions, and the price is slightly more expensive than the traditional kitchen. This is also understandable. According to the page on the page Cabinet, with complete function and good appearance, the general cabinet brand is about 2000-3000 yuan. If the overall kitchen is needed, the price is about 1000-3000 square meters. Possess design, plus some other kitchen equipment, basically you can easily get a overall kitchen decoration in a store, shorten the decoration time, and it is more convenient to take daily care. Compared with traditional kitchen decoration, there are still many advantages in the decoration of the traditional kitchen. Essence The overall kitchen price that each family needs to customize is different. normal.
      How how to calculate the price of the overall cabinet
      1, Yanmi charging
      When custom furniture, we must understand what the customized furniture is priced. Generally speaking, the overall kitchen is priced by Yanmi for pricing , Yanmi price has covered the bottom cabinet and chandeliers. If the owner does not need a bottom cabinet or chandelier during the decoration process, the merchant will convert the price according to the needs of 1/4 or 2/3. The price is 3,000 yuan/Yanmi.
      2, single cabinet charging
      The second algorithm of the overall kitchen price is calculated based on how much a single cabinet is. For example, there are three sets of bottom cabinets and two hangers in your cabinets. Then its calculation method should be the price of three groups of bottom cabinets the price of two groups of hanging cabinets.

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