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    Can mobile phones develop game software


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Before making games, there must be a long -term test and applicable game engine.
      D digital red spent two years to summarize and develop a set of game engines based on mobile devices: Dragon Bone Game Engine for Mobile Phone. He can support most of the current high -end mobile devices. Program developers and game projects have saved a lot of time, and they can also allow art staff to see the design effect most intuitively. Its biggest value is to compile and run a set of codes of developers on different device platforms (not more than 20%) without changing the program. At present, digital red and other companies have used it to develop more than 30 games.

      The engine provides 9 very complete modules and 3 enhanced modules, which can fully meet the needs of various game development. The game engine can be directly embedded in the developer's program, and no additional support program can be used to make the developed games run independently. The game engine is simple and easy to use. After compilation, the volume is small, and the memory is also small, which can save players' memory space and wireless download costs. The basic engine contains 9 modules. The engine function interface provides a mode of using Windows:
      1, file operating module: providing FOPEN, FCLOSE and other functions similar to standard C.
      2, memory management module
      3, 2D graphics image module
      4, dialog box module
      5, SMS operating module: You can intercept the transceiver of SMS inside the program.
      6, encrypted module: Provide IMEI function for identifying the equipment for software encryption purposes.
      7, sound module
      8, resource packaging and compression module: However, the volume of the last software package is smaller, and as little as possible to occupy the user's memory space.
      9, commonly used functions: such as string operation and other functions.
      10, Example: Provide a set of source programs for a complete game Magicline. The engine enhancement module constitutes its enhanced part, including three modules: 1. Real -time 3D enhanced module 2. Sound enhancement module 3. Graphical file enhancement module

      ii. Preliminary work of formal development A. Preparation of development tools. Preparation for development tools In many people's eyes, mobile games are still a very fresh and stylish stuff. Therefore, when talking about mobile games, it is inevitable that there is a sense of unpredictable and deep feeling. In fact, the entire production process of mobile games is very simple. From a certain perspective, it is a traditional return, and it is also the mutual integration of old and new technologies. The most commonly used development tools are VC , J Builder, and the design tools are no different from ordinary PC game production software. Some designers are more willing to use the "ashes" two -dimensional design tool DP, and some people are willing to use 3DMAX and Maya to make two -dimensional modifications. Of course, all these methods must be determined according to the final setting of the game. When we are doing java games, we generally use pixel -level two -dimensional drawing to complete pictures, that is, to complete pixels one by one. However, when making games such as PDA -like devices, 3DMAX or Maya will be used to create a model, which will be trimmed after rendering. During the design process, we also used Maya, 3DMAX, Photoshop, Painter and other tools like most game companies. b. Determine the parameters and target devices of the game

    2. Answer the main question:
      of course, you can develop chess and card game software, but if you want to implement the program,
      still need to correspond to the corresponding development language and model. Show the development of the game software.
      Wang the above content can help the subject!

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