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    Can I make money now? It is true to listen to others saying a lot of money a day? What games are hundreds of dollars a day?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Can I make money now? It is true to listen to others saying a lot of money a day? What games are hundreds of dollars a day?”
    1. Speaking of the conclusion first: almost no existence.
      It some games under the banner of making money, letting users download and try. Behind this is to increase the download of the game and make the data look good.
      The trial of a game is just a few cents. If you want to make money by this day, the loss of your mobile phone and the waste of people's time cannot be drawn.
      This can earn hundreds of dollars, but it is just a saying that it is not capped to induce everyone to participate. When you participate, you will find that the difference is far.
      Moly fun mini -game:

      "Electronic Potted Plant Viridi" is a classic alternative development game that seems boring but very connotative. The pots can be selected by themselves, and the succulent can also be selected. It does not need to be very complicated. It is only occasionally watered and unplugged. With the shift of time, the plant will grow slowly.
      "Dancing Line DANCING LINE", a music game, players need to avoid obstacles according to the screen to avoid obstacles. try.
      "The Road to Paradise", the road of the hall is a leisure puzzle puzzle game. The game style is beautiful and simple. Players of games can try it.
      "Seeing the Pats", the game screen is simple but the gameplay is novel. There is a certain number of needles in the player's hand, and all needles must be inserted into the rotating ball. Can not overlap or hit the needle on the ball.

    2. You can make money by playing games. It is fake to make a lot of money a day. There are no games to earn hundreds a day.
      The high -end configuration computer rooms established by players and game enthusiasts on the purpose of making money. Among them, there are small studios formed by friends, as well as large studios for the establishment of the boss and employees. Ordinary gamers are a new industry that mainly performs tasks and practice activities.
      Extension information:
      The game studio is generally not large, often as long as a few people are enough to form a studio. They have about ten computers to start operation. Of course, these computers are obviously different from ordinary Internet cafes. Generally, their configuration is very high, especially for some old turn games, their computers can reach about 100.
      The large studios are mainly concentrated in Shanghai and Yanbian. Unlike family -style studios, employees in these studios often exceed 50, and computers can reach more than 300 units. Most of the people engaged in online game studios are young people. Although this is much more and more free to make money than to make money, but after all, a game is strong and declining, so it is not very stable, and the studio is not very stable. Different from the company, there is no formal management method, and the scale is uneven.

    3. Every game can make money now, but the most direct way is the game anchor. Playing the game and then live broadcast, you may earn hundreds of dollars a day.
      although the game anchor is very popular, this is a very high -starting career. Now the e -sports industry has developed, but because more and more game anchors are flooding, this circle is mixed.
      The most important thing to become anchors is popularity and technical and contemporary ability. Can find their own characteristics from many anchors and stand out to attract more people to invest in joining.

      The benefits of game live broadcast:
      1, that is, purely you like to play games, and then play with others.
      2. It is to make money. As a profit, you can't play simply. You need good language skills, leadership, persuasion, personal charm, understanding ability, game knowledge. The other is the masterpiece, skills, etc., can't be too pit, otherwise no one watched the live broadcast.
      3. There is also a relatively unpopular game anchor, which is a new tour. This game that needs to be famous and unparalleled to play with popularity, communicate with the game provider's good advertising costs to promote the purpose of the game.

    4. This friend's idea is very good. Now online games can also make money, but they are also paid. At least you have to operate the display for more than 7 hours a day. In addition, the same thing is very boring. of. In addition, some online games make money need to be lucky, just like building equipment, fusion of gems or something. If the character erupts, it will be directly for you to say a trip.

    5. Now every game can make money, but the most direct way is the game anchor. Play the game and live on the live broadcast. You may earn hundreds of dollars a day. If you need it, you can ask me again.

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