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    Apple mobile phone, which game is the best?


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Apple mobile phone, which game is the best?”
    1. Apple mobile phones use the iOS system and A series chips to make the consumer experience best. Let's take a look at those Apple phones that are suitable for playing games.
      3.iphone 11
      2019 Apple sales record mobile phone, extremely extremely extremely Best selling, breaking the historical record of Apple, the A13 bionic chip with iOS13 runs the game full frame rate is extremely smooth. At the same time, because the double -layer motherboard is not used, the problem of fever is not very serious. The only defect is that the charging speed is still too slow.
      2 .
      This is nothing to say, Apple Emperor, the best screen, the best processor, the best system, at the same time 3900 mAh battery and 18W fast charging make you do not need to worry about battery life. Of course, because the double -layer motherboard is hot, this phone cannot board the first.
      1.iphone 8 Plus
      The mobile phones favored by almost all anchors, retaining the design of the Home button prevent all possible errors, A11 chip chip It is enough to use, the single -layer motherboard has almost no need to worry about fever. At the same time, it is not a problem with the smoothness of iOS13, and the full frame rate is not a problem. Different from the feel of a full -screen mobile phone, the experience of the mobile phone makes the mobile phone experience.
      screen screens Suitable for playing games
      Since the iPhone 8 Plus is an old model in 2017, it does not use bangs full -screen design. Compared with the current mainstream full -screen mobile phones, the iPhone 8 Plus has a wider forehead and chin, which causes the screen ratio of its front screen is not high enough, and the view is not shocking enough.

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