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    5878 chess and card legal?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “5878 chess and card legal?”
    1. Legal analysis: The definition of gambling on online gambling platforms and gaming platforms also needs to be clearer. In fact, chess and card games use game coins to play games, and collect service fees according to the game. It is a business model for legal operation of chess and card games, and it is also the most basic profit point for chess and card games.
      Whether the online chess and card game platform is legally judged standards, according to the national regulatory level, there are three main aspects:
      1. Whether the game coins in the platform can be exchanged to RMB;
      2, the game platform Whether the operator can pump in the game;
      3, the total bet in the platform, and the number of bets are capped.
      The legal basis: "Interpretation of Several Issues of Specific Application of Laws for Gambling Criminal Cases" is the purpose of profit. If one of the following situations, it belongs to the "gathering crowd gambling" stipulated in Article 3003 of the Criminal Law. :
      (1) Organize more than 3 gambling, with a cumulative amount of tap fishery profits reached more than 5,000 yuan;
      (2) Organize more than 3 gambling in the organization, and the amount of gambling funds has reached more than 50,000 yuan;
      (3) Organize more than 3 gambling, and the number of gambling people has reached more than 20;
      (4) Organize more than 10 citizens of the People's Republic of China to gambling overseas to collect reckles and introduction fees from them.

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