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    12315 Apply for online game refund


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “12315 Apply for online game refund”
    1. When you want to apply for a refund in an online game, you cannot contact the game platform customer service, platform customer service refusal to cooperate or the platform does not give a reasonable result (only domestic games). Legal rights protection. Tell the game name, consumption amount, time of disputes, and the content of the complaint that 12315. The incarnation of 12315 will inform consumers to accept the case within seven working days when they receive the complaint.

      but 12315 does not have the relevant power that can be forced to refund and compensate for compensation. 12315 focuses on negotiation. Generally, if administrative penalties are involved, the Consumer Association (that is, 12315) will choose to report to the Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau for conduct deal with.

      The cases can be applied for complaints at 12315:
      12315 application is useful, "12315" is the national industrial and commercial administrative authority relying on the "12315" hotline to accept consumers to appeal appeal Reporting, mediation of consumer rights disputes, investigating and dealing with economic violations such as infringing consumer rights and interests and sale of counterfeit and inferior goods, and a important task to supervise and manage the market and administrative law enforcement. When our rights and interests are infringed, the game company does not give a refund, we can report the 12315 appeal. "
      12315 Opening meaning:
      1. On March 15, 1999, in order to effectively solve the problem of" difficult complaints "consumers, timely, convenient, and fast accepting consumer demands, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce was in the original information in the original information With the strong support of the Ministry of Industry, 12315 consumer appeals and reporting telephones have been unified across the country. The industrial and commercial administrative agencies at all levels in the country rely on the 12315 telephone to establish a modern information technology as the main means, integrating, investigating, and supervision. One -one, 12315 consumer appeal reporting service network covering urban and rural areas across the country.
      2. On February 28, 2019, the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Management of the People's Republic of China released the "A better service of the General Administration of Market Supervision on the integration and construction of the 12315 administrative law enforcement system Opinions of Market Supervision and Law Enforcement ". Before the end of 2020, complaints and reports such as industrial and commercial, quality inspection, food and drugs, prices, intellectual property rights and other complaints reported, that is, 12315, 12365, 12331, 12358, 12330, etc. A number provides market regulatory complaint reporting services.
      dialing situation:
      1. When your rights and interests are infringed, the complaint party is under the jurisdiction of the industrial and commercial administrative department;
      2, when you are in the consumption process Among them, when your legitimate rights and interests are infringed;
      3, when you find the "black nest" of fakes and inferior products and the production and sale of counterfeit goods
      , please call 12315 complaints to report calls, we will help you help you Mediation disputes; if we find economic violations of laws and regulations, we will investigate and deal with it according to law.
      Legal basis: Article 15 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law enjoys the right to supervise the work and protect consumer rights and interests . Consumers have the right to report, accuse the acting of infringing consumer rights and their staff in the work of protecting consumer rights and interests, and have the right to criticize and recommend the protection of consumers' rights and interests.

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